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Brick Exporters In India – The earliest discovery of bricks was around 7500 BCE from the Middle East and South Asia where the mud was used for construction. Brick is generally a building material in a rectangular shape made out of lime clay, concrete material sand, etc. They are generally used for construction making walls, pavements and other elements in any building. India is the 2nd leading Brick manufacturers in the world after China. Thus, it shows that the business for bricks is high in our country. Well, if you are looking for the Top Bricks Exporters in India, then you are at the right place. Bharat Bricks is among the top companies in India that are indulged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of quality bricks all over.

Bharat Bricks has a team of talented members who continuously work on getting the best range of bricks that possess the quality of durability, high strength, and low maintenance. Thus, we are well known in the Indian Market for giving the Top quality bricks and blocks for construction in different sized and dimensions as per the requirements of the clients. So, associate with Bharat Bricks in India as we export the best range of bricks all over. You can get connected with Bharat Bricks by calling 09872228476, 09888925830 or sending us an email at info@bharatbricks.com.

Why Bharat Bricks is known as the Top Brick Exporters In India?

Bharat Bricks is the epitome for exporting the quality and durable range of Bricks all over India and even in all the other countries as well. Thus, we have established a strong business for ourselves in the market and deliver innovative designs of bricks that are suitable for every construction process. We have been connecting ourselves with all the distributors all over India to connect with all the top constructors. This has helped us to create a good market along with the quality of varied bricks range that we export -

  • Brick tile
  • Fasad tile
  • Machine Made Bricks and Block Bricks
  • Thin Brick Tiles
  • Terrace and Floor Tiles
  • Machine-made wire-cut bricks
  • Burnt Clay tiles
  • Brick flooring
  • Exposed bricks
  • Press bricks

The Growing Demand of Bricks in India

The Indian Brick Industry is growing at a rapid speed due to the increasing economic growth of our country. Also, as the population is increasing every year, people are building new houses and buildings to meet their needs. This has led to the economic growth of the country and this industry. Every year India produces a total of 250 billion bricks yearly to meet this growing demand of the market. India gets a total of 12.2 million dollars from the brick industry annually.

Our company Bharat Bricks is highly accepted brick manufacturer and exporter in all the states in India. So, if you are looking to get the best finish for your construction we are here with the durable and the strongest range of Bricks in India.

Qualities of our exported Bricks in India

The bricks that our company exports all over are the best combination of natural sources of energy which helps in the year-round comfort by making the walls cooler in summers and warm in the winter. Moreover, we manufacture the most durable and reliable range of bricks that can be used even after years as well with no maintenance at all. Also, Bharat Bricks has a variant range of bricks with different colours and designs. Moreover, our bricks are reusable and cause no harm to any animal during the manufacturing process and thus are safe and highly economical.

So, connect with Bharat Brick now and get the most effective range of bricks for constructing buildings in India in the most distinctive style, tone, and texture.

Why Should Brick Exporters in India Choose Bharat Bricks? 

India has emerged as an important player in the global brick export market. The country's abundance of natural resources such as soil, skilled labour and manufacturing techniques have played an important role in its success. Being a leading brick manufacturing company in India, Bharat Bricks has established itself as a top exporter. We have a wide product range including solid bricks, sun-dried bricks, fly ash bricks, concrete bricks, engineering bricks, calcium silicate bricks and eco-bricks that meet various construction requirements and have contributed to its exporter success.

Bharat Bricks' emphasis is on quality assurance and adherence to stringent manufacturing standards. Our bricks ensure international quality standards. We provide high-quality bricks and blocks to construction sites as per customers' needs and requirements. We have a variety of bricks with different sizes and designs. We have established ourselves as a top exporter in the international brick market. We have achieved growth and reputation with our contribution to the Bricks export industry.

Contact Details

Name – Bharat Bricks Co.

Address – Vill. Fatehpur Behra, Dera Bassi (PB)

Phone no. - 09888925830, 09872228476

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the best exporter of bricks?

India is one of the best exporters of brix bricks, we export our bricks to many countries around the world.

Which company handles large-scale brick export orders?

Bharat Bricks can handle large-scale export orders. With our efficient manufacturing facilities and wide supply chain, they can cater to the requirements of both small and large construction projects.

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