An Italian word, which means cooked earth - is a form of unglazed earthenware, usually fired from red clay, chracterised by longevity and retention of ambient temperature.


  • Higher compressive strength
  • Rain & stain proof
  • Higher stability
  • Smooth finish with sharp edges
  • Insulation bricks
  • Homogeneous in texture

Available Sizes

Thin Brick Manufacturer | Terracotta Bricks Manufacturing Company in India

Thin Brick Tile Manufacturers in India – Are you looking for a perfect material to build your walls in your home or your office? This is the right place for you to get the customized bricks and earthy tiles that can fulfill your needs for quality construction. Bharat Bricks is the Top Thin Brick Tile Manufacturers in India and thus we are actively working to expand our line of bricks. We have come up with the new collection of colors and textures of Thin Brick Tiles in India.

If you have a sensitive budget, come and associate with Bharat Bricks for the best line of bricks that will fit your plan. We will give the quality assured clay products to transform your construction experience. You can get the ultimate finish to any of your residential or commercial construction project if you use our quality products range in India. Bharat Bricks works on providing the value for money to all the clients and customers across the Country. So, if you are looking for a Manufacturing Company for Thin Brick Tiles in India, contact Bharat Bricks on 09872228476, 09888925830 or mail us at

Benefits of Using Thin Brick Tile during Construction

Thin Brick Tiles are one of the most popular and more affordable options to conventional bricks. Further, these tiles are made using the same material used in the construction of the false ceiling in homes and offices. Thus, these bricks give the perfect solution for getting a classy yet strong look of a constructed building. Here are a few advantages of using the Thin Brick Tiles for the Construction -

  • Ease-of-Installation – Thin Brick Tiles are generally manufactured for the interior walls and are easy to install. Homeowners can even install these bricks without any professional help. Most importantly, these thin brick tiles can be installed in all the areas where the conventional bricks cannot be installed due to the shortage of basic structural support.
  • Ease-of-Maintenance – Moreover, these tiles are easily replaceable. They are manufactured in standard size and thus can be easily changed. The Thin Bricks require less maintenance cost and regular cleaning is not required. These bricks don’t easily fade away.
  • Greater Strength – The Thin Brick Tiles are durable than the other bricks available in the market. Moreover, these bricks also offer the best soundproofing quality and fire-resistance performance as compared to other options in the market.

Best Brick Manufacturing Company in India for Thin Brick Tiles

A good architecture plays a very important role in the formation of a society. So, we are proud to say that our company is constantly working on the evolution of better quality bricks in India. Bharat Bricks Co. not only works on building the quality of the material but we also use the best color, size, and texture and shape to make a significant impact on society. While manufacturing the thin bricks in India, we make sure that we give a wide range of quantity along with the quality of products.

Bharat Bricks is a one-stop destination for the customers who are looking for affordable, innovative and lifetime thin bricks for constructing homes, backyard landscaping projects or commercial buildings. Moreover, connecting with Bharat Bricks in India is equivalent to having long term investments. By delivering the best range of bricks in the Indian Market, we have become the leaders in India and thus we support all the new market trends. So, connect with Bharat Bricks now to fulfill your dream.

Why we are the Top Thin Brick Tile Manufacturers in India?

By using the most innovative and modern technology, Bharat Bricks is able to manufacture the international standard thin brick tiles which have the Terracotta characteristics. Our bricks are highly recommended by the top architects in India for designing new houses, buildings, offices, etc. We manufacture a wide range of bricks in all the sizes according to the needs of our customers. Here are some amazing features of our Thin Brick Tiles which makes them the best in India –

  • High Compressive Strength
  • Highly resistance from rain and stain
  • Better firmness
  • Smooth Finish
  • Uniform in texture

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