For more than 24 years, Bharat Bricks, manufacturing a wide range of machine made bricks has helped build better, more stylish and more secure homes. The machine made bricks use de-airing pug-mill, which is latest innovation in the clay processing industry

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Have less water absorption quality Fire, water and sound proof Smooth finish with sharp edges No need of plaster on facade Brunt thoroughly, deep red in colour Uniform in shape and size


Brick Manufacturers in India - We at Bharat Bricks bring together intelligence and knowledge to offer durable and superior quality clay products to transform your construction experience. We offer a wide range of products, which provide the ultimate finish to any residential or commercial construction project. We believe in providing value for money to our clients, and thus offer versatile clay products at affordable rates.

Bharat Bricks is a brand made in India and world class which manufactures a different range of machine-made bricks and tiles. We are working from more than 24 years to make your house more secure, stylish and beautiful. We are the best suppliers of Brick tiles, Facade tiles, Burnt Clay tiles, Exposed bricks, Brick flooring, Machine made wire cut bricks, Press bricks, Building bricks and blocks, Elevation tiles and many more. All these bricks and tiles are the type of products which is used in the building or living space. We provide our clients with the option to choose from a wide range of color, size, texture, and shape. Our company uses the latest technology for the designing of these bricks and tiles in order to build your house more beautiful. Bharat Bricks provides the best product to suit big or small projects, for one family or for the entire community. We aim to build the best quality of bricks and tiles that lasts today, tomorrow, and always. You can choose any bricks or tiles from the Brick tiles, Burnt Clay tile, Face tiles, Exposed brick, Press brick, Brick flooring, Building bricks and blocks, and Machine made wire cut bricks to make your house more stylish. All these tiles and bricks provided by us have their own benefits and looks. All the Bharat Bricks manufactured products have longevity and stunning aesthetic. Bharat Bricks always try to meet the needs of the clients and stay active in the market trends. So choose Bharat Bricks and get the chance to make your house more stylish, secure and beautiful with unique styles of bricks and tiles.

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